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ECRI, an independent, non-profit organisation, operates horizon scanning under a contract from the International Horizon Scanning Initiative (IHSI). IHSI is a non-profit association, with the aim of collecting information on upcoming pharmaceuticals in a comprehensive database. The initiative serves as the cornerstone for future collaboration among European countries on strategic planning for medicines. The IHSI Horizon Scanning System collects and curates information on pharmaceuticals across all clinical areas, including cardiovascular diseases.

Input from medical doctors is essential for a functioning Horizon Scanning System to help determine which upcoming pharmaceuticals have potential to impact healthcare. Participation as a reviewer is voluntary and reviewers can cancel their participation at any time. Reviewers’ identities are not made public.

Participating allows reviewers to:

  • Learn about new in-development pharmaceuticals in your areas of expertise
  • Participate in shaping the future of healthcare in your region
  • Receive an honorarium of USD 200 for each report reviewed

Participation Description

As a reviewer, you will be emailed a 4- to 6-page draft report about an in-development pharmaceutical, as well as a link to an online survey. The survey consists of questions that ask you to rate the pharmaceutical’s potential for impact, the timing of the prospective impact, and the likelihood of the impact occurring. In addition, there are required free-text boxes to explain your ratings.

Reviewer Requirements

  • Be a practicing medical doctor with 5 or more years’ experience
  • Preferably work in one of the IHSI member countries (Belgium, the Netherlands, Denmark, Ireland, Norway, Portugal, Sweden, and Switzerland)
  • Have an interest in the development of upcoming pharmaceuticals.

For any questions, send an email to the Stakeholder Engagement Specialist at



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