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ECRI’s horizon scanning efforts enable healthcare decision makers to stay informed about new and emerging technologies, innovations, and trends occurring across healthcare. We use a systematic scanning process to scan for and identify potentially disruptive innovations up to three years before clinical availability outside of the research environment. The horizon scanning team evaluates each innovation's potential to impact patient and population health outcomes, health disparities, health care costs, infrastructure needs, and many other factors to detect signals of the innovation's potential to disrupt—positively or negatively—the current state of healthcare.



Dupuytren University Hospital
Dupuytren University Hospital
New Brunswick Heart Center
City Vibe Properties

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Te Whatu Ora Te Toka Tumai Auckland
Te Whatu Ora Te Toka Tumai Auckland

We are a workforce of over 11,000 who strive to offer world-class healthcare focused on realising our vision of healthier communities, achieved together.Te Whatu Ora Te Toka Tumai Auckland plays a unique national and regional role as a centre of excellence providing health and wellbeing services to 545,000 who live in our district as well as offering 19 national specialist healthcare services to all of New Zealanders, which includes transplants, high risk obstetrics and some paediatric services.We have an international reputation and are renowned academically as New Zealand’s largest teaching hospital. We hold an alliance with the University of Auckland and its Faculty of Medical and Health Sciences in the form of the Auckland Academic Health Alliance. This patient-centred partnership has the purpose of speeding up the translation of research ‘from the bench to the bedside’, aiding the development of our health workforce, informing research strategy and stimulating clinical teaching to ensure scientific breakthroughs and advances in medical care reach patients faster, giving our passionate clinicians the opportunity to be at the forefront of driving advancements in their chosen fields.We have three major facilities Auckland City Hospital, Starship Children’s Hospital and Greenlane Clinical Centre. Auckland City Hospital is New Zealand’s largest public hospital as well as the largest clinical research facility (with over 1000+projects at any given time), playing a key role in advancing national and international research. We have approximately one million patient contacts each year, including hospital and outpatient services. But, Te Whatu Ora Te Toka Tumai Auckland is more than hospitals with our principal purpose being to maxmise the health and wellbeing of our people, with 93% of our population reporting good, very good or excellent health. Life expectancy is a good overall measure of population health status and we have one of the highest life expectancies of any Health New Zealand region in the country at 82.9 years. Life expectancy for our Māori population has increased by nearly five years over the last decade. We are the fourth largest, and one of the fastest growing Health New Zealand region in the country, expecting more than 98,000 extra people by 2025.  

Department of Cardiology and Angiology at Klinikum Leer, Lower Saxony, Teaching Hospital of the University of Hannover, Germany

With two main hospital sites in Leer- and Weener-City-Centre and a satellite unit on Borkum-Island, Klinikum Leer is a 400+ bed University teaching hospital (MHH Hannover), which provides primary and secondary health services to the people of the east-frisian area. We care for 19.000 inpatients and 50.000 outpatients per year in 15 departments (internal medicine/ gastroenterology, cardiology and angiology, pneumology, geriatrics, spinal surgery, vascular surgery, abdominal surgery, trauma surgery and orthopedics, pediatrics, gynecology/obstetrics, psychosomatic medicine and psychotherapy, ophthalmology, anesthesia/intensive medicine, radiology).

Reclaimed Woods

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Onassis Cardiac Surgery Center
Onassis Cardiac Surgery Center
Canterbury District Health Board
Canterbury District Health Board
Inselspital - University Hospital Bern
Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation
Institut de recherches cliniques de Montréal
Institut de recherches cliniques de Montréal
Auckland DHB
Hannover Medical School
Calico Life Sciences

Calico is a Bay Area research and development company whose mission is to harness advanced technologies to increase our understanding of the biology that controls lifespan. We use that knowledge to devise interventions that enable people to lead longer and healthier lives. We’re working in mostly uncharted areas rooted in biology and advanced technology. Executing on this mission will require an unprecedented level of interdisciplinary effort and a long-term focus for which funding is already in place. Calico employees are scientists, engineers, explorers and inventors, comfortable with the knowledge that often incremental steps lead to a giant leap.

University of Parma

Four Research PostDoctoral Positions at University of Parma (IT). Four postdoctoral positions are available at the TecMedLab at the Department of Medicine and Surgery at the University of Parma (Parma, IT) in the group of Prof. Michele Miragoli. The TecMedLab research activity is dedicated to understanding the mechanisms underlying arrhythmias and to finding possible therapies using nanomaterials. The present 3-year project aims to realize a platform for producing cardiac organoids-on-a-chip from differentiated human iPSC, for High Throughput Functional and Molecular screenings. The Project will take advantage of a collaboration with the Department of Engineering and Architecture and the Department of Chemical Science (Prof. Nicola Delmonte), Life Science and Environmental Sustainability (Prof. Barbara Montanini).We are now looking for four motivated postdocs with excellent interpersonal and team skills with the following characteristics: PD 1. Engineer with <5 yrs from the Ph.D. VIVA date, with experience in sensors, IoT, electronics, programming and computer vision technologies. At least one paper as the first author in an internationally recognized peer-review journal. Knowledge of LabView/Matlab/Python software programming will be a plus. PD 2. Bioinformatician with <5 yrs from the Ph.D. VIVA date. Candidates are required experience in NGS data analysis especially for transcriptomics (both bulk and micro RNA), bash/Python/R programming and a strong background in molecular biology are also requisites. At least one paper as the first author in an internationally recognized peer-review journal. Although not strictly necessary, experience in nanomedicine and/or in single-cell sequencing approaches would be given favorable consideration. PD 3. Cellular biologist or Bioengineer with <5 yrs from the Ph.D. VIVA date. At least one paper as the first author in an internationally recognized peer-review journal. Experience with organoids made by  hiPSC reprogramming and differentiation is mandatory. Knowledge of 3D bioprinting, microscopy and nanomedicine and/or computer programming will be a plus. PD 4. Cardiac Physiologist or Bioengineer with <5 yrs from the Ph.D. VIVA date, with experience in cardiac signals analysis and classification with artificial intelligence. At least one paper as the first author in an internationally recognized peer-review journal. In-vitro and in-vivo electrical and optical mapping experience will be highly appreciated.  English communication skills are mandatory for all 4 PD, and experience abroad is particularly valued. Positions are for 1 year, renewable for the other two years. Starting month: June 2022. Salaries will be based on experience (Assegno di Ricerca UNIPR Spin point 1-5, from 23.788 to 35.000 per annum). Please note that two out of four positions are dedicated to non-Italian citizens or Italian citizens that did not work in Italy for more than 12 months in the past three years. Please also note that all foreigners and Italian citizens that worked abroad for at least two years can benefit from tax exemption schemes. Candidates are advised to apply as early as possible as the selection and interview process will commence immediately and will end as soon as the right candidate has been found. Interested candidates should send their CV’s, a brief statement of research and career interest, and at least two names of references with contact information to:  References Papers:Lagonegro, P., Rossi, S., Salvarani, N., Lo Muzio, FP, Rozzi G., Modica J, Bigi F., Quaretti M., Salviati G., Pinelli S., Alinovi R., Catalucci D., D’Autilia F., Gazza F., Condorelli G., Miragoli M. Synthetic recovery of impulse propagation in myocardial infarction via silicon carbide semiconductive nanowires. Nat Commun 13, 6 (2022).  M. Miragoli, P.Ceriotti, M.Iafisco, M.Vacchiano, N.Salvarani, A.Alogna,P.Carullo, G.B. Ramirez-Rodríguez, T.Patrício, L. Degli Esposti, F. Rossi, F. Ravanetti, S.Pinelli, R.Alinovi, M.Erreni, S. Rossi, G.Condorelli, H.Post, A.Tampieri, & D.Catalucci*. Inhalation of peptide-loaded nanoparticles improves heart failure. Science Translational Medicine, Jan 17;10(424). pii: eaan6205 (2018).  Barili V, Fisicaro P, Montanini B, Acerbi G, Filippi A, Forleo G, Romualdi C, Ferracin M, Guerrieri F, Pedrazzi G, Boni C, Rossi M, Vecchi A, Penna A, Zecca A, Mori C, Orlandini A, Negri E, Pesci M, Massari M, Missale G, Levrero M, Ottonello S, Ferrari C. Targeting p53 and histone methyltransferases restores exhausted CD8+ T cells in HCV infection. Nat Commun. 2020 Jan 30;11(1):604.  Fisicaro P, Barili V, Montanini B, Acerbi G, Ferracin M, Guerrieri F, Salerno D, Boni C, Massari M, Cavallo MC, Grossi G, Giuberti T, Lampertico P, Missale G, Levrero M, Ottonello S, Ferrari C. Targeting mitochondrial dysfunction can restore antiviral activity of exhausted HBV-specific CD8 T cells in chronic hepatitis B. Nat Med. 2017 Mar;23(3):327-336.  Foresti R, Rossi S, Pinelli S, Alinovi R, Sciancalepore C, Delmonte N, Selleri S, Caffarra C, Raposio E, Macaluso G, Macaluso C, Freyrie A, Miragoli M, Perini P. In-vivo vascular application via ultra-fast bioprinting for future 5D personalised nanomedicine. Sci Rep. 2020 Feb 21;10(1):3205. doi: 10.1038/s41598-020-60196-y. 

National Research Council (CNR) Institute of Genetic and Biomedical Research (IRGB)
St George`s University Hospital

Post-CCT fellowship in the Advanced Ventricular Arrhythmia Training and Research (AVATAR) program at St. George’s Hospital, London, UK                                         Full timeWe are recruiting for a fully funded, salaried post-Certificate of Completion of Training (CCT) level, or EU-equivalent, clinical fellowship in Ventricular Arrhythmias at St. George’s Hospital, London, UK. The successful candidate will have the opportunity to gain first-hand operator experience in mapping and ablation of ventricular arrhythmias in a busy tertiary cardiology centre, with quaternary referrals for ventricular arrhythmias. The fellow can expect to gain experience in mapping and ablation of ventricular arrhythmias, including epicardial-endocardial, in all substrates. The minimum duration is 12 months, starting October 2023.The candidate, along with the Cardiac Electrophysiology Consultants, will be involved as an Investigator in research projects on ventricular arrhythmias and in the education program for allied professionals as well as providing bedside teaching to the medical students and junior doctors attached to the Arrhythmia Service. The experience gained during this fellowship will provide an excellent foundation for a Consultant career in complex arrhythmia management.This post is appropriate for a senior Cardiac Electrophysiology trainee committed to a career in ablation, with an interest in clinical research and Arrhythmia Service development. The post holder will have completed their General Professional Training in the UK, EU, the USA, or have equivalent experience within a recognized healthcare system and will hold full MRCP or equivalent. Applicants will be expected to be independent in SVT and AF ablation, brady- and complex devices and ideally have some preliminary experience of mapping within the ventricles.Fellows enrolled in the AVATAR program would be expected to be in the lab in all VA ablations carried out as part of the VT ablation program as well as on device, simple and complex ablation lists, cover a weekly Arrhythmia Clinic under Dr Saba’s supervision and be competent to undertake on-call duties at Consultant level. The fellow will be responsible for the Ventricular Arrhythmia database during their tenure.We have a busy Arrhythmia Service, carrying out over 400 AF ablation cases and up to 100 VA ablations per year, in addition to a high volume of simple ablation procedures, and simple and complex device implantations.St George’s Healthcare NHS Trust is the main Teaching Hospital for St George’s, University of London and plays an important role in medical student teaching. The Cardiology Clinical Academic Group has been created to execute a shared strategic partnership between St George’s Hospital NHS Foundation Trust and St George’s, University of London.Interested applicants should contact Dr Magdi Saba, with CV attached, via email at by February 17th, 2023. Interviews will be held in late February 2023.

UPMC Italy

With facilities in Sicily, Lazio, Tuscany, and Campania, UPMC Italy (the Italian division of UPMC - (, is a leader in patient care, biomedical research, telemedicine, IT development and consulting services in the areas of medicine and research. 

IRCCS MultiMedica Research Hospital

IRCCS MultiMedica is a research hospital based in Milan, Italy. It is one of the only 3 IRCCSs specifically focusing on cardiovascular disease in Italy, has a solid clinical activity and large laboratory facilities, and it is affiliated with Academic Institutions. Milan is the second-largest city in Italy, with a thriving economical and social life, and is extremely well-connected with most major cities in Italy and Europe.MultiMedica is interested in expanding its research activities of basic and translational investigation in the field of cardiovascular pathophysiology and pharmacology, recruiting young investigators with keen interest in these fields.MultiMedica is setting up a research group aimed at investigating molecular pathways of tissue repair following myocardial infarction, and intracellular signal transduction underlying heart failure.A research position is available in these fields, under the supervision and coordination of Prof. Giuseppe Ambrosio - Deputy Scientific Director IRCCS MultiMedica and Full Professor University of Perugia - Department of Medicine And Surgery, Section of Cardiology and Cardiovascular Pathophysiology.The prospective candidates should have the following characteristics:- Age: <40 years old;- Degree: any academic degrees in biomedical sciences, Post-doctoral degree would be a plus;- English language proficicency;- Specific expertise in experimental models of myocardial ischemia and/or heart failure, as documented bypublications in these areas and/or letters of recommendation;- Previous experience in qualified International Institutions will be a plus;- Commitment to effective team work with junior colleagues and more senior supervisors.Job place: MultiMedica Technological and Research Pole, Via G. Fantoli 16/15, Milan, Italy. Collaboration with clinical investigators of MultiMedica Hospital to carry out specific translational research will be encouraged.Period: 1 year (with the possibility of extension).Contract and salary to be negotiated, based on recruitee’s degree of expertise.To apply, send CV, a brief description of personal interests and professionals aims, and at least two letters of recommendation to:

University of Zurich & University Hospital Zurich

Contact Name for applications: Elena OstoEmail: elena.osto@uzh.chPhone: +41432533098Country: SwitzerlandCity: ZurichInstitution: Cardiology Department & Institute for clinical ChemistryTitle of Position: Post -Doctoral positionSummary of Position: Crosstalk between endothelial cells and adipocytes in cardio-metabolic diseasesApplication Closing Date: 31 January 2022Full Details of the Post ( English only ):We are hiring! A post-Doctoral position is available in the group of Prof. Elena OSTO's cardio-metabolic research at the University of Zurich profile:We are looking for a highly motivated:• Post-Doc candidate with a PhD, MD or MD/PhD degreewith a strong background in cardiovascular (endothelial or vascular biology) and/or metabolic disease (obesity and in particular adipocyte biology). The project of the newly hired post-Doc focuses on how blood vessels and adipocytes metabolically crosstalk in health and obesity. Qualified applicants should have a strong record of achievements as evidenced by first-author research papers published in peer-reviewed journals and have a strong interest in a multidisciplinary approach to experimental and clinical research. The ideal candidate shows initiative, a vigorous “Can-

Auckland District Health Board
Auckland District Health Board
Edwards Lifesciences

“Helping patients is our life’s work, and your contributions directly impact our ability to transform patient care around the world.” – Michael A. Mussallem, Chairman and CEOPosition OverviewAs a Business Unit Manager for the Edwards THV business, you will determine the strategic direction for Netherlands & Belgium and provide overall leadership and coaching to ensure business goals are met. You will have the responsibility for the P&L for Netherlands & Belgium and will lead the commercial team, including Clinical Specialists, Territory Managers with strong alignment and partnership with country marketing and other functions. This includes responsibility for driving profitable growth and building a high-performance commercial organization which is consistent with the Edwards values.These Are The Competencies That Will Make You SuccessfulPeople Leadership: As Business Unit Manager, you will be responsible for organization and people development, which includes driving performance through people and ensuring that we have the talent to support both the current and future business needs. You will manage, coach and drive performance excellence across your reporting field team and ensure that KPI's and success measures are established and drive business results. You will lead your team to meet and exceed monthly, quarterly, and annual team targets through regular country reviews and ensuring clinical compliance, certification & training needs are met.Coaching: You will coach your team in sales and communications tools & techniques and act as role model in contemporary leadership practices. This includes providing ongoing coaching to improve work performance and develop skills and abilities and competencies. You will maintain a high performing sales team by hiring, training, and retaining high quality Regional Field Managers as well as prepare others to assume new increased responsibilities through individual development of key THV field competencies. As a Business Unit Manager, you will demonstrate a consultative approach to helping define opportunities and challenges with both your direct reports and external customers and have a bias for action in designing and executing the solution.Patient First: You will ensure optimized patient outcomes through excellence in case support with highly trained clinical specialists. You will also work very closely with relevant external stakeholders to develop an improved access to the treatment for indicated patients according to European and local scientific societies guidelines, through therapy development vision, strategy and tactics (aligned with European strategy and with focus on local specificities).Customer Leadership: The Business Unit Manager will develop strong working relationships with external and internal customers and utilize internal relationships to establish a regional strategy and build support to achieve goals. You will have excellent organizational, communication and leadership skills and are able to clearly and succinctly articulate market trends, key business strategies and organizational challenges and opportunities . As Business Unit Manager, you will k now, interact and develop the strategy with Key Opinion Leaders and decision makers and manage professional relations with key customers to ensure understanding their needs and that the Edwards value proposition is differentiated in the minds of these key customers.Account Planning and Strategies: As a Business Unit Manager you will help develop and successfully execute compelling account strategies for your country and regions including responsibility for delivering to Annual Operating Plan (AOP) goals . You will analyze the market growth, competitive market landscape and other information from all sources to develop strategies to improve sales and increase market share. You will use strategic thinking to shape the medium and longer-term strategy for the region, as well as monitor, communicates and manages KPI’s.Data and Analytics: As a Business Unit Manager, you are a master user of CRM tools and use these tools to guide your team’s performance, monitor results and improve effectiveness of your team. You will coach your team on how to leverage results and dashboards to become more successful in the field as well as define team operating standards and actively improves existing tools and policies with leadership team.Business Acumen: You successfully share competitor strategies, industry trends, health economics, pricing, emerging issues, competitive products, knowledge with your team. You show excellence in connecting hospital data with Edwards’ solutions and explains them in a compelling way to the customer. This includes providing business and field input in country-specific initiatives and actively participates in initiatives and strategic programs. You will coach your team to create a selling culture driven by solutions and value-based strategies. You have a deep understanding and connection with the local healthcare system, the market access strategy, the reimbursement authorities and the regulatory local requirements.We Are Looking For Someone With These SkillsBachelor’s degree in Science or Business or related experience is requiredDutch & English proficiency is required, French proficiency is preferredPrior experience in cardiology, background interventional cardiology preferred5+ years managerial experience, managing business with P&L responsibility or full-scale commercial operationsDemonstrated sales & marketing leadership capability, including the and ability to shape a clear vision, translate the vision into strategies, actions and resultsExcellent people leadership skills, including the ability to create, communicate and achieve a vision.Excellent coaching skills - ability to observe, evaluate & use various techniques to improve resultsExperience leading sales teams through a consultative sales process, with an ability to segment and manage territories effectivelyExperience developing and successfully executing compelling account strategies, including a proven track record in business planning analysis and strategic planningFirsthand experience working directly with customers, opinion leaders, technical experts, and professional staff as well as broad exposure to the healthcare industry and its competitors is preferred.Proven track record of engaging and developing lasting relationships with a broad base of key stakeholders in complex clinical environments, such as mid and senior level healthcare professionalsExcellent written and verbal communication skills and the ability to communicate with a variety of stakeholders. This position will require close collaboration with internal stakeholders as well as external physician partners.Develop peer, cross functional and cross business relationships to maximize best practice sharing and team effectiveness.Up to 40% travel (30% in the country and 10% in EU)Preferred location of the candidate - Netherlands