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About MediCarrera

Cardiology in Sweden

Main expectations

The cardiology department is a part of the medicine and geriatric clinic at the hospital. As a cardiologist, your work varies between the cardiac department, the cardiac intensive care unit and the outpatient care.

You will meet with a broad group of cardiology patients, allowing you to use many different parts of your competence, including work tests and echocardiographic examinations, which are done in collaboration with the clinical physiology department.

What is expected of you

-Required approved specialist training in the field of cardiology and internal medicine.

-Five years or more as a cardiologist.

-Time in internal medicine specialty not decisive.

-To be flexible, responsible and team player.

Salary and conditions

Starting monthly salary 53,500 SEK. After six months and getting the license, a new salary will be set as a specialist doctor in accordance with the contract.

As a double specialist >70,000 SEK/month before tax.

On-call work: 4-6 weekend shifts/3 months.

MediCarrera Offers

-A free visit to the place where you will live and work.

-A free preparing and intensive language course for you and your family.

-Kindergarten for the youngest.

-Free apartment at the course location for you and your family.

-A scholarship for the intensive language course.

Our support

-Help finding a place to live with your family.

-Help with practical matters.

-Help with the moving trip.

-Information package with practical details and a contact person to call in case of any problems.

[email protected]

Barcelona, Barcelona, Spain