Lead Electrophysiology Technologist – Cardiac Electrophysiology Inventory Management

Doha, Qatar

The Lead Electrophysiology Technologist – Cardiac Electrophysiology Inventory Management is responsible for managing all processes related to management of inventory in the Electrophysiology and cath labs as well as item level billing. In addition, the Lead participates in all activities contributing to the development of the Invasive and Non Invasive Cardiology services including but not limited to: Cardiovascular Information system build, formulation of policies and procedures relating to Cardiology services, assisting Sidra education specialists with development of orientation and continuing education requirements for Cardiovascular Technologists. The Lead provides specialist technical expertise for the Electrophysiology and Pacing program and assists with the Invasive and Non Invasive programs as deemed necessary.

Key Role accountabilities:

·        Establishes, develops and maintains inventory systems for all cath lab consumables and also managing billing of line level items

·        Plans, delivers and evaluates clinical education, grounding strategies in adult education theory and evidence based practice

·        Oversees inventory clerks to ensure that all items are stocked, that expired items are removed and that inventory systems are run optimally

·        Provides specialist cardiac rhythm management expertise in the field of cardiac pacing, ICDs and implantable loop recorders

·        Provides technical expertise in a range of cardiac procedures, including ambulatory ECG analysis, invasive electrophysiology procedures including catheter ablation, implantation of ICD, pacemakers and ILRs, cardiac catheterization, head-up tilt testing and exercise ECG testing.

·        Provides technical expertise during pacemaker and ICD implantation

·        Manages pacemaker and ICD clinics

·        Supervises exercise ECG tests and tilt tests

·        Ensures patient safety during direct patient care

·        Performs hemodynamic monitoring/recording for cardiac catheterization

·        Participates in the emergency on-call rotation

·        Assesses learning needs and professional capabilities related to the specialty area and individual staff assigned in that area

·        Designs, delivers, assesses, evaluates and continuously improves learning (including e-learning) in line with identified needs and planned outcomes.

·        Under the supervision of the Manager, administers and manages clinical education and orientation in line with policy and reporting requirements

·        Promotes and works collaboratively in a team environment to achieve planned outcomes

·        Supports the assessment of clinical competence and audits compliance with Sidra standards of care

·        Documents and reports all clinical education activities against policy and compliance standards including progress and potential problems

·        Participates in the build of the Cardiovascular Information system, becoming a super user and trainer for operational staff.


Education: BSc (Hons.) clinical physiology, biomedical engineering or equivalent (RCVT)

Experience:  5+ Years as a senior Cardiac Electrophysiology Technologist or RCVT inclusive of:

2+ Years specialized experience in Electrophysiology laboratory; or equivalent electrophysiology experience at a Cardiac Electrophysiology company working with Electrophysiology Centers

2+ Years of progressive management experience

Certification and Licensure: Registration with the Council of Clinical Physiologists or equivalent 


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